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'superior make gear'
We are one of the manufactures of premium quality Gear Oils. Our products are made from high quality of raw material. This superior make gear oil is very easy to use and clean
We manufacture all oils for Sulzer looms. Fricon Geartac 300s is used for Sulzer Ruti C looms. Gear S 100 & Gear S 150 are synthetic gear oils used in looms.
industrial gear oils We are manufacturers and supplier of Industrial Gear Oil to respectable clients. These oils are formulated using highly refined base oil and are strengthened with specially selected EP and other additives
Friction Control Products Pvt. Ltd. is the manufacturer of Fricon Geartac 300s, gear oil for Ruti-C looms.
Fricon Geartac 300s is a gear oil approved by Sulzer for Ruti C looms.